Given the volatile nature of the international markets Novature Group believes that stable long-term profits can be obtained by uncovering quality equities at low valuations and maintaining them for long time frames with robust fundamentals increasing their worth. Our research teams identify profitable companies, adding value by means of active management and analyzing businesses on all levels.

Novature Group believes that absolute returns are much more significant over longer time frames compared to indices which do not offer relevant guidance to the prospects of a business or its intrinsic value. Likewise market capitalization and index listing do not represent a warranty of quality from our point of view. Given these considerations Novature Group does not utilize indices as the basis of portfolio design and chooses to remain committed to common sense

observance and diversification.

We confidently go against the benchmark thanks to our analytical resources and the depth of our research specialists’ trading expertise. Novature Group considers that risk does not equate to a divergence from the benchmark, however investing in companies that do not perform at an optimum level does.


Novature Group’s fixed income capabilities are instrumental to the company’s as well as our clients’ financial success. The alpha teams are committed to produce investment strategies according to their area of expertise while product teams allocate and supervise risk budgets, customizing investment strategies for private investors and are responsible for general performance.

Our fixed income process is defined by active management on an international level in a transparent and accountable manner. Likewise we consider that varied sources of added value improve the risk vs. return profile of any portfolio.

Novature Group’s investment structure allows us to operate investments and manage assets in a disciplined fashion and also to be adaptable in terms of handling portfolios for various investor needs, ranging from strategies utilizing varied sources of non-corresponding returns to those that are concentrated on a specific area.


Novature Group believes that investing in mutual funds is an important aspect in designing a truly diversified and profitable investment portfolio. Mutual funds consist of multiple combined securities that provide the intrinsic advantage of inherent diversification.

Investing in mutual funds basically means merging capital alongside other investors that share the same goals and empower a specialized team of asset managers to make fundamental investment decisions in regards to numerous securities that the majority of individuals can’t afford to acquire by themselves.

Novature Group’s traditional approach towards investing means that no matter what the goal of setting capital aside would be (from buying a new care to saving up for retirement) we advocate investing over the long term. As a matter of fact this is exactly the time span that Novature Group’s mutual fund managers have in mind when they select investments.


Commodity investments provide clients with the probability of enjoying profits that are dissimilar to equity returns, with conventionally reduced correlations and with the advantage of improvements in terms of risk-adapted profits and portfolio effective barriers. Likewise investing in commodities is a good method to ensure that a portfolio is protected against inflation.

Novature Group manages a range of mostly index based strategies built to take advantage of these characteristics by means of a meticulous and balanced investment process connected by an investment approach distinguished by proprietary research, the conscious use of alpha-generating procedures and low fee structures. Investment drivers range from pooled funds to individually managed accounts, with the potential for extensive tailoring available to Novature Group’s clients. Our aim is to be responsible towards our investors for providing them with a rational and consistent flow of profits.


Novature Group provides a comprehensive scope of alternative strategies ranging from fundamental products to bespoke solutions designed in accordance with our international outlook, deep market cycle expertise and thorough research abilities.

Due to our international focus in terms of choosing and operating investments our experience in handling alternative portfolios throughout multiple market cycles defines our decision-making strategies and establishes a rigorous approach towards capitalizing on and evaluating the value of separate opportunities that we consider hold the potential for increased capital gains.

By regularly supervising the developments of the international economy and key capital markets we are able to design the most appropriate strategies to maneuver through the continuously evolving and sophisticated intricacies of today’s financial environment. Our array of alternative solutions enables Novature Group to understand the connections and interactions that these asset classes share, helping us built objective, risk-adapted and long-term focused recommendations.