Job Openings

Novature Group’s commitment to our present and future members is to ensure a professional business environment that promotes independent thinking and personal development.

We take note of diligent team members that commit their resources and attention to serving our investors and repay them appropriately. Regardless of their level of industry expertise we aim to become the firm of choice for fresh and experienced asset managers alike.


Novature Group promotes a culture that emphasizes the diversity of its members and supports unrestricted judgment, empowering our hard workers with an extensive range of services and offerings.

Quantitative Research Associate

The candidate for the position of quantitative research associate will, if accepted, work together with the core quantitative research group which likewise works in association with Novature’s investment teams in order to support the specific investment procedures and analytical needs and also to provide expert opinions in regards to portfolio management as well as quantitative allocation.


The accepted candidate for the position of quantitative research associate will work under the direct supervision and guidance of veteran research specialists to offer fund and investment research to separate portfolio management teams. Amongst the research projects that will be undergone may include:

  • Comprehending the historical and anticipative efficiency of the key aspects of a portfolio manager’s investment process.
  • Differentiating a portfolio manager’s historic alpha from the asset class-specific beta style and determining prospective performance standards.
  • Applying active or passive strategies at the most appropriate time according to the context and timing of an on-going investment.

Portfolio Associate

The candidate for the position of portfolio associate will, if accepted, be in charge with the application of quantitative portfolio management for predictive analytic software. The accepted candidate will work together with investment teams, providing his expertise when it is required during the investment process.


  • Reallocation - Accounting for the daily model portfolio management procedure, including the establishment of model portfolios, evaluating model analytics, managing the model release mechanism and solving related issues.
  • Portfolio supervision – Establishing, overseeing and imparting the performance of portfolios, risks, market position, etc. to guarantee the calibration with the investment approach and process set by portfolio managers.
  • Research and analytics – Working alongside the predictive analysis software team and its associated staff to progressively develop and improve the methodology of quantitative investing and related policies.
  • Technical Assistance: Providing technical support and expertise for the improvement of the predictive analytic software platform, performing business compliance testing to determine the next developments required and presenting regular technical reports.
If you consider that any of the available positions complement your career goals we would certainly like to hear from you. You can get in touch with us via email at or alternatively you may use the contact form available in our contact page specifying the position you are interested about in the subject box.