About Us

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About Us

Welcome to Novature Group, Hong Kong’s premiere asset and investment management company. Working on behalf of our investors and improving their financial situation since 2010 has taught us that our founding principle defines our activities and operations today just as it has since our inception, namely securing our clients’ trust by increasing their capital as if it were our own.

Throughout the highs and lows of the global markets and within a continuously evolving industry, we have been steadfast in upholding the values of our heritage that have helped us achieve success and have made a beneficial impact on the financial lives of our clients.

Novature Group’s approach towards investments was established upon the consideration that long-term perspectives are required in order to produce sustainable profits.

Operational Performance

Given that the international markets don’t usually take into account the risks as well as the opportunities presented by criteria pertaining to ESG, we consider that integrating environmental, social and governance considerations with financial research will greatly improve the quality of investment portfolios, profit potential and risk mitigation, both in terms of timing and also magnitude, thus enabling management teams to concentrate on long-term business. Such improvements are usually translated to innovations in terms of the investment process and offerings, higher profits, and reduced risk fees.

Business Goals

Our aim is to conserve and raise capital using diversified portfolios of what our research has shown to be sustainable and high-quality businesses whose stocks have been underrated.
Towards that end we search for businesses with a robust management and a track record of competent financial management that we consider are able to accomplish a consistent and durable flow of profits over the long term.

Our Advantage

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Our advantage lies within the experienced judgment of our portfolio management teams specialized in multiple styles and strategies, our resolute dedication to achieving our goals, the variety of expert opinions and our rigorous approach to responsible investing.

We look forward to achieving even more in the years ahead and sincerely thank our investors for the confidence they have placed in us and our dedication to excellence.