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Novature Group is a Hong Kong established asset management company committed to offer the most valuable investment experience available and improve the financial situation of our private and institutional investors.

Novature Group is privileged to manage assets and investments on behalf of its internationally diverse base of clients. What we offer is:

  • Expert teams of portfolio managers operating investments across a broad spectrum of assets, styles and geographic locations.
  • 176 specialists committed to serving our clients worldwide
  • Comprehensive investment research and stock analysis that enable us to uncover better opportunities ahead of our industry counterparts.


Investments as a focal point

Pure focus on operating successful investments without distractions

Extensive investment competence

Comprehensive range of investment strategies and styles across the most significant asset classes

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Job Openings

Quantitative Research Associate

Portfolio Associate

The candidate for the position of quantitative research associate will, if accepted, work together with the core quantitative research group which likewise works in association with Novature’s investment teams in order to support the specific investment procedures and analytical needs and also to provide expert opinions in regards to portfolio management as well as quantitative allocation.

The candidate for the position of portfolio associate will, if accepted, be in charge with the application of quantitative portfolio management for predictive analytic software. The accepted candidate will work together with investment teams, providing his expertise when it is required during the investment process.

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